Mother Nature

Mother Nature is the illustration of a divine intervention. The powerful flow of the water epitomizes a blissful irrigation of the land that was once barren. Therefore, the inhabitants fled the region to avoid famine. The land which became fertile and peaceful in the association of the Dove Family were the results of this unprecedented intercession.



In Nature’s embrace, beauty’s pure symphony plays, A world of wonder and awe in all her displays. From the sunrise’s blush to the twilight’s sweet hue, In each subtle change, her artistry shines through.
Mountains that touch the sky, rivers that freely flow, Each scene she paints, a masterpiece we all know. Her beauty’s revealed in each leaf, each view, A testament to the love of life she imbues. From the delicate petals to the stars in the night, Her beauty’s a source of pure, unending delight. In her gentle embrace, we find solace anew, For in Mother Nature’s beauty, our love is true.

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