Moby Dick

Conveyed in this triptych is a relentless three-day pursuit of a Sperm Whale called Moby Dick that took Ahab’s leg ( the Captain of the ship) named Pequod. The crew members, by attacking the whale, initiated a dreadful and chaotic adventure in which only one man survived.



In the deep blue sea, a legend did reside, A tale of Moby Dick, on an epic, endless ride. A white whale, fierce and bold, in the ocean’s vast expanse, A captain’s relentless pursuit, an eternal, timeless dance.

A story of vengeance, on the rolling waves it’s told, Moby Dick, a mystery, in the deep and dark and cold. A classic tale of man and beast, their destinies entwined, In Herman Melville’s words, a saga of a different kind.

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9''x26'', 12"x30", 15"x33"


Artist Canvas


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