Alix Pierre was born in Cap-Haitian and grew up  in the city of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. He was surrounded by natural Caribbean beauty. He was inspired to begin painting at a very young age.  Alix is innately gifted with visual spatial which is the ability to visualize the spatial world in three dimensional form. As a teenager, he participated in a national competition organized by the Board of Education which he won with flying colors. He was further motivated by winning the Children of The World's Art Competition in Jerusalem 1977. He repeated that feat in 1978 when he entered the 9th Children of the World's Art Contest in China and received a winning certificate and a gold medal. With these achievements, he was encouraged to keep painting when he moved to the United States in 1983. Life in the U.S. was quite challenging, but with integrity, self-respect and discipline, he continues to thrive. He learned various trades at Long Island University, York College, and Nassau Boces. He was finally graduated as a Graphic Designer at Pratt Institute in 2007. Despite  his ventures in other areas, he had no joy and was longing for the Canvas with paint and brushes. Painting and drawing have remained two major occupying forces in his life. He feels an overwhelming love and pleasure while creating realistic, highly detailed and peaceful natural sceneries. He also associates his creativity as a sort of spirituality and force that guided his juvenile inclinations. In December 2009, Mrs. Jude Schanzer, PR director at the East Meadow Public Library cordially invited him to participate in a group show.  He won the first price and the best show which led to a solo exhibition in 2011. He subsequently won an International Competition in 2014 and was represented by a  successful gallery in Manhattan.  Alix is ready to welcome anyone who appreciates his talent and vision as an artist. Do not hesitate to contact him if you would like to purchase an original or a fine reproduction of his numerous masterpieces.